The Association has started escorting caravans across Russia

Last year, the conduct of a caravan in the Arkhangelsk region with the participation of German auto-travelers almost ended with a problem due to the unprofessionalism of the accompanying representative from Russia. This provided a basis for attracting regional representative offices of the UAA to escort caravans with the participation of foreign guests. The Association has started escorting caravans across Russia.

A typical example of participation in this area of ​​activities of the regional representative of the Association in the Arkhangelsk region Alexei Nesterenko. Our representatives are ready to correct the flaws of non-professional escorts and provide reception, excursion support and service of caravans with the participation of the regional authorities at the highest level.

Member of the Association Anna Klepikovskaya provided a comfortable stay for foreign tourists in the northern region of Russia - in Golubino. Shows of the region to tourists are held with the participation of the Department of Tourism of the region, covered in the media Such an integrated approach makes it possible to raise the image of Russia, show sights, and reduce problematic issues at border points.

Regional representative Alexei Nesterenko received gratitude from the leaders of the caravan organizers.

I am convinced that irresponsibility when escorting groups of foreign autotourists needs to be regulated and the quality of professionalism of participants in this market improved. It is positive that many regions are adopting this experience and are already preparing, at the request of the Association, experts for qualified work in this direction.