Providing assistance to regional organizations

Nationwide Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning (UAAC) 

unites auto experts, auto-travelers, public associations of auto-tourist activity and industry in the territory of the Russian Federation, which use the principle of social partnership and responsibility in their work of auto-tourism. UAAC promotes all participants in the automotive industry to create a high-quality product and service in automotive travel activities.    

What does UAAC membership give to different members?


A cooperation agreement with the National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning (UAAC) and Russian regions allows the latter to declare the region as an initiator of socially responsible initiatives, contributes to the receipt of grants and competitive subsidies, the development and promotion of the auto-tourism potential of the region, while accelerating the development of roadside infrastructure, tourist routes, consolidation of car travelers through event events, implementation of socially significant projects in the field of car tourism and registration of information about them in federal regional legislative and executive bodies.


Travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies and non-profit and budgetary organizations, incl. museums and individual entrepreneurs:

We recommend registering with the regional representative office of the UAAC and adding your tourist infrastructure, hotel complexes, tourist products, auto routes, excursions and auto rallies, as well as other services and activities aimed at the development of auto tourism and sustainable development of the regional tourism industry into a single database.

We present to all citizens and organizations of various forms of ownership the opportunity to become our Regional Representative, to tell about our tourist product, service for use by motorized tourists. It is advisable to inform on our information resources and the media about your events and projects that are of interest to a wide audience and 37 million car tourists.


Car campsites, hotel business, small and medium business:

The regional representative gets the opportunity to expand the client base and inform the target audience by publishing information in the OAAC mass media about successful work experience, about his travel product, a service that more than 37 million car travelers are waiting for.

The regional representative has the opportunity to take part in regional events and PR campaigns of the United Aircraft Corporation in the regions, to enter their auto-tourism routes in a single register (mobile applications).


For big business and partners:

We invite business partners to participate in UAAC projects, mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of the auto tourism industry, roadside infrastructure, both at the federal and regional levels in the format of public-private partnership. We contribute to the creation and positioning of tourist products and attractions, the development of small towns, attracting motorized tourists (caravaners) from Russia and other countries to the places of attraction. 


Media, TV and bloggers:

We propose to conclude a partnership agreement on information cooperation on activities for the development of motor tourism.

We invite journalists and bloggers for accreditation at our events, we are ready to inform your readers about event events, news in the development of auto tourism, legislative projects, provide an expert opinion, and we will also be glad to see you as guests at our event events.


For other individuals:

If you are a motorized tourist, you can find on our portal schemes, reviews of various tourist routes of our regional representatives, reliable information and an objective opinion of practitioners and our experts.    

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