Holding exhibitions

An exhibition is an eventful event, a place where interested people come together. At the exhibition you can meet with colleagues, exchange experiences, show your achievements.      

Organization of exhibitions is one of the ways to promote tourism products, which allows sellers and buyers to meet in one place and conclude agreements.

The tourism industry is directly related to exhibition activities. One of the main objectives of the exhibitions is the development of domestic and inbound tourism. Tourism exhibitions are held to showcase products and services with the aim of increasing consumer awareness and increasing sales. They provide tourism manufacturers with more opportunities to disseminate and obtain a wider range of information at a relatively affordable price. Therefore, exhibitions are consistently leading among the tools for promoting travel goods. Not a single advertisement or newsletter can give the consumer complete information about the company, about products, new products, about the work of this company. A company representative working at a face-to-face exhibition is always more convincing than his information over the phone. The main task of the company - the manufacturer - is to interest the manufactured products or offered services. In addition to providing information and solving commercial problems, exhibition events regulate the main ways of tourism development both in the domestic and foreign markets. Exhibition participants - enterprises can use influence on buyers, for example, by holding shows, lotteries. Participation in major exhibitions testifies to the increased image of the organization, which creates its prestige.

Exhibitions allow:

  • offer new services and opportunities "live" to customers,
  • to attract interest in the offered tourist products,
  • to increase the presentation of exhibition visitors, foreign clients (tourists) about the country, region,
  • provide information on tourism policy
  • inform about measures aimed at ensuring the development of tourism in the country, region,
  • establish contact with representatives of tourism associations and companies,
  • conclude contracts of cooperation and sales,
  • establish contacts with media representatives, take advantage of their help and expand clients' understanding of the tourism potential of the country, region,
  • analyze the experience of leading tourism organizations,
  • analyze the offers of competing tourist destinations,
  • analyze proposals and policies of competing firms
  • find out the demand for tourism products, services, directions, make a forecast of the development of demand.
  For example, the International Tourism Exhibition “Intourmarket-2019 "... The events of the exhibition are designed for different participants - representatives of tourism authorities, tour operators and travel agents, organizers of tourism events, specialists in promoting tourism products and IT, employees of tourist information centers, hoteliers. 24000 sq. meters - exposition area. 1390 exhibitors. More than 64500 visitors. 136 countries and regions of Russia. The most interesting events of the business program:
  1. Round table "Tourism for the older generation: challenges and opportunities". with the support of the World Senior Tourism Congress, the concept of which is to increase life expectancy, change the usual stereotypes about travel of those who are called "senior tourists".
  2. Plenary meeting of the Committee on Tourism of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which will be organized by the Committee on Tourism of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Tourism, TAPR.
  3. International conference "Real Russia" dedicated to the development of tourism in small historical cities.
  4. "All-Russian meeting on topical issues of tourism development in the Russian Federation", organized by the Federal Agency for Tourism.
  5. An annual meeting of Russian tourist information centers, which will review the best Russian practices. The organizer of the meeting is NAITO.
  6. At the strategic session “Go to IT. The future is already today ”presents online technologies aimed at improving the quality of tourist services in the regions of Russia.
  7. IV All-Russian Forum "Event Russia".
  8. Seminar on legal issues in the field of tourism "New edition of Federal Law 132-FZ" On the basics of tourism in the Russian Federation ". Prospects for Influencing the Market ”.
  In Russia, the number of exhibitions is increasing every year and the quality begins to improve. At exhibitions, organizers try to lure visitors, which leads to the creation of a healthy competitive atmosphere. As a result, the general level of organization and conduct of such events is increased. May 18-19, 2019 in the technical sports park in Kuryanovo All-Russian festival of auto tourism. All-Russian Festival of Auto-Motorcycle Tourism-2019 (АМТ-2019) and active lifestyle "AUTORODINA - 2019" is an annual multi-format event, the purpose of which is to organize comprehensive and effective cooperation of all subjects of auto tourism in Russia for the mutual exchange of information, experience and resources, protection of the rights and interests of Russian autotourists, creating the most friendly and favorable environment for intensive development of auto tourism in Russia.

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