Hosting an event

 Purpose of the event.

The events are held with the aim of identifying new trends and attracting the attention of the general public to the processes in the field of creating and promoting cultural events in the regions of the Russian Federation and at the Federal level, as well as venues for their holding.


  1. Communication between regions for the exchange of experience in organizing and holding event events.
  2. Informing through federal and regional media about the holding of various event events in the regions of the Russian Federation
  3. Demonstration of events of various levels from the regions of the Russian Federation, creation of a competitive field.
  4. Determination of the best events in nominations, as well as the best municipal formation and the best constituent entity of the Russian Federation.
  5. Conducting an informative business program with master classes, workshops, round tables and other educational and consulting events for event organizers of different levels from the regions of the Russian Federation.
  6. Formation of a base of events throughout the Russian Federation.

The concept of holding event events is based on the synergistic effect of combining the presentation of a cultural event with its tourist component (in terms of a trip to a cultural event).

         Holding events is a modern form of promoting culture and art in the regions, a presentation platform for cultural events at the regional and municipal level, venues for their holding, as well as a catalyst for the development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation.

This is a generalizing and systematizing event at the intersection of culture and tourism.

The events are based on four strategic directions:

  1. Presentation of large-scale iconic cultural events with a history;
  2. Refinement of existing cultural events with high potential to the required level;
  3. Formation and development of new unique cultural events existing at the level of ideas;
  4. Actively attracting and holding large external cultural events (federal and international projects) in the regions.

The format of the events is presentation with the possibility of presenting an interactive component. The presentation is based on the defense of a project with creative content, the possibility of showing "artifacts", souvenirs, to which viewers and participants are invited to participate.

The program of events includes the following stages:

  1. Business program - holding a plenary session, discussion panels (round tables), master classes, creative workshops, a press conference;
  2. Competitive program.
  3. Award ceremony based on the results of the competitive program.

 Speaking about the practical results that organizers of event events in the regions receive, the following main points can be highlighted:

  1. Practical recommendations for correcting project flaws; 2. Recommendations for the promotion of a cultural event in the media and the Internet;
  2. Recommendations for creating a brand book for a cultural event;
  3. Recommendations for budget optimization;
  4. Familiarization with the competitive market for cultural events and venues for them.

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