Safety and insurance

Insurance is a type of civil law relations in the field of protecting the interests of people concerning their property, health and life in the event of accidents that are determined by the insurance contract. Protection of property and non-property interests of individuals and legal entities is ensured at the expense of funds formed from insurance payments of the said persons.

In tourism, insurance is the relationship between the insurance company and the travelers. It provides financial guarantees in cases of situations requiring compensation for damage caused. Insurance is one of the important duties of a tour operator. Therefore, all official tour operators operating legally in the legal field cooperate with insurance companies.

Safety in tourism is both the individual safety of tourists and the safety of their personal belongings, as well as ensuring the safety of the environment during tours. The Russian Federation has a law "On the Basics of Tourism Activities". It regulates the duties and rights of travelers making tourist trips on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The current legislation implies the right of tourists to personal safety and the integrity of personal belongings, to provide medical assistance when necessary, as well as to receive accurate data regarding the country to visit: about local characteristics, laws, customs and traditions of the people living there and, the situation with diseases and ecology, and, of course, about the rules of entry and stay on the territory of a foreign state.

The traveler himself undertakes, while in the country, to observe both local laws and customs of the population, to respect the views of its inhabitants, including religious ones. The tourist is responsible for observing the rules of personal safety. In recent years, Russia has also improved its standards for ensuring the safety of travelers.

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