Weekend hikes

Weekend hikes

Auto and motorcycle tourism and weekend trips are a convenient combination for those who do not have the opportunity to allocate more than 1-2 days for outdoor activities. Weekend hikes are carried out by several participants on public roads. Purpose of the trip:

  • get acquainted with tourist sites with family or friends;
  • hone driving techniques on a car, motorhome and motorcycle;
  • have a good rest and get a dose of adrenaline;
  • get to the agreed goal (sights).

For road trips and motorcycle trips, it is important to choose roads of secondary importance. Federal, toll roads can be more convenient due to their quality, but they are, firstly, boring because of the monotonous landscapes, and secondly, they can be dangerous, especially for beginners, because of the high traffic flow: driving a car and a motorcycle will require frequent overtaking. Therefore, it is better to opt for regional roads with fairly good coverage, rich scenery, tourist sites and a minimum of traffic.

Equally important is a detailed itinerary plan prepared in advance. Logistics and timing are in the first place in Autotourism. Of course, you should not focus on a strict time frame in which there is not a single free minute, but it is also not rational to overcome tens of kilometers. How to prepare for the trip can be found in the section Useful articles.

Unfortunately, the tourist infrastructure in Russia is very far from the European one in its evolutionary development. Therefore, even booking places in a roadside hotel should be taken care of in advance. The same applies to popular attractions along the way. caravaners and motorcycle tourists: you need to order the services of a guide or guide long before the trip, and do not forget about weekends and breaks in the work of museums, galleries, palaces and other places of interest to tourists. Good timing is also important here.

Separately, each car and motorcycle tourist is obliged to take care of the reliability of his "iron horse" and motorcycle and the quality of equipment. The latter should be all-weather, and the best type of transport for a hike is enduro. Traveling alone is not justified: assistance may be needed on the road. The range of trips should be increased gradually - the format of a one-two-day trip will be the best choice for a beginner.

In Russia, there are two types of organization of weekend tours. The first one is completely independent. The autotourist himself plans his trip, calculates the time and costs of the route.

The second is provided by a travel agency employee. It takes into account all the individual requests of the tourist.

 Traveling by car has many benefits:
- complete freedom in choosing a route;
- You can take with you any amount of luggage that fits into your car;
- in a short period of time, you can not only change the city, but even the country;
- at any time you can get out of the car and walk around the place;
- a small car can be easily parked anywhere;
- in non-stop mode you enjoy the beauty of the landscapes flashing outside the window;
- relatively low cost of the trip.

Weekend tours are suitable for both business people and families with children. Recreation opportunities are very diverse! If you have a desire to escape from the bustle of the city and relax after a hard working week, then weekend tours are for you. 

The most popular routes are located in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, the Urals and the Caucasus. Great prospects for the development of automobile and motorcycle tourism are opening up in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East, Kamchatka and Sakhalin.

Nationwide Association of Automotive Tourism and Caravanning - leader of Autotourism! WITH with the participation of representatives of the Federal Tourism Agency, developed seven popular automobile routes for independent travel. On our website in the tab "People's routes" you can find a detailed description of each of them. In addition, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on safety issues on the route, the availability of roadside infrastructure along the route (stop-stops, motels, roadside food outlets, parking lots, etc.). 

 People's inter-regional auto routes are an excellent choice for a weekend tour.
1. "Ladoga Ring". Travel through the territory of the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia. Learn more 
2. "Reserved lands of the Russian North". The route runs through all the main attractions of the Republic of Karelia, the Nenets Autonomous District and the Arkhangelsk Region. Learn more 
3. "Legends of Elbrus". The opportunity to see the main part of the beauties of the North Caucasus for several days. Learn more
4. "The Golden Ring of Russia". A tourist route that allows you to see unique cultural and historical monuments, as it passes through the ancient cities of North-Eastern Russia. Learn more 
5. "Siberian tract". Travel across the Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern FDs. Learn more 
6. "Chuisky tract". The route offers a journey from Moscow to Gorno-Altaysk. Learn more 

7. "Sovereign's Road". Historical tract from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Tourists get the opportunity to repeat the path of Russian tsars and famous writers. Learn more 

Weekend tours are a breath of fresh air. If you are tired of gray everyday life, a stuffy city, household chores, then weekend tours are one of the best ways to get distracted and add bright colors to the routine of the usual rhythm of life. This type of autotourism is perfect for business people and businessmen who do not have the opportunity to leave for a long time. However, everyone has the opportunity to escape on the weekend and relax away from their city. 

You can independently develop a travel itinerary or resort to the assistance of a tour operator. He will select the right trip for you according to your wishes and budget. There are always several routes that can be easily tailored to travel for families or groups of students and schoolchildren. This saves a tremendous amount of time and energy. 

In a short period of time, you can not only change the city, but even the country. Literally in one day you can experience so many positive emotions that you will not experience in a month of your usual life. This can only autotourism! You can swim in the sea or have a wonderful shopping experience. A nice addition is that such short trips are not very expensive - you won’t have to pay for accommodation, as it might happen on a multi-week vacation.

It can be both a vacation for two, and for a large family or company. Go on an exciting adventure, and you will definitely have what to answer the question: "How was your weekend?"

Successful travels and unforgettable discoveries! 

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