Category hikes

Category hikes

The division of motorcycle trips into 6 categories, according to their complexity, is used in the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as in Kazakhstan. The basic criteria for classifying motorcycle trips into 6 categories are:

  • the length of the distance to be covered, in kilometers;
  • the duration of the hike in time, measured in days;
  • technical complexity of the route.

Thus, the following categories of motorized trips were formed:

Category I: lasting from 6 days and route length from 1000 km.
II category: from 8 days, the length of the path is at least 1500 km.
III category: at least 10 days, a road with a length of 2000 km.
IV category: from 13 days, at least 2500 km.
Category V: at least 16 days, a route with a length of 3000 km.
Category VI: from 20 days, the length of the route is more than 3000 km.

Other criteria also matter, such as the age of the participants. So, travelers from 14 years old can take part in the first category. The minimum age for the sixth category is 19 years old. The leader of the hike in the first category cannot be younger than 18 children. For the sixth, this is at least 22 years.

To conduct a sports category trip on a motorcycle transport, the event manager must have a route book. It can be obtained from representatives of the route qualification commission (MCC) of sports tourism, as well as from regional, district or city tour clubs, tour sections of the physical education team.

For vehicle drivers, a category trip is an opportunity to obtain a sports category or title. In categories 1 and 2, a minimum of 2 motorcycles can participate, in the third category - three, and in 4,5 and 6 - a minimum of 4 vehicles. For a hike of medium difficulty, this is 3-10 bikes and a compulsory co-driver or several.

  • Category I: not less than 6 days, length not less than 1000 km.
  • Category II: not less than 8 days, length not less than 1500 km
  • III category: not less than 10 days, length not less than 2000 km.
  • IV category: not less than 13 days, length not less than 2500 km.
  • Category V: not less than 16 days, length not less than 3000 km.
  • Category VI: at least 20 days, length over 3000 km.

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