Weekend hikes

Traveling on a motorcycle across the country is a tempting and risky undertaking for daring tourists. Nevertheless, motorcycle tourism is gaining more and more popularity in Russia. A traditional motorcycle tour is:

a lot of opportunities that are not available when traveling in classical ways: by car, train or plane;
a wealth of vivid, hitherto unfamiliar impressions;
overcoming oneself, one's fears, uncertainty, which is important for every resident of a modern big city, mired in daily routine;
a unique sense of self-improvement.

Motorcycle tours provide an opportunity in real conditions to test yourself for strength, as well as friends and work partners. Traveling on a motorcycle teaches you to manage your energy, intuition, and correctly calculate your own strength. All these skills are indispensable both in everyday life and for achieving success in professional activity.

A long trip on a 2-wheeled vehicle has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of the body: muscle tone increases, extra pounds are burned. In addition, the stocks of positives are noticeably increasing, which are so difficult to replenish in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Correctly organized motorcycle trips do not exceed other types of tourism in terms of the degree of danger. At the same time, they provide an adrenaline rush, as in extreme sports.

In Russia, the direction of motorcycle tourism has been developing since the times of the USSR, when the mass production of this vehicle began. From the technical point of view, motorcycle tourism is an organized passage of excursion and tourist routes. Trekking varies in difficulty and differs from motorcycle sport tourism by combining a 2-wheeled vehicle ride and sightseeing, mostly natural.

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