Regional routes

Regional routes

Russia is a huge country in which automobile tourism is developed. Where to travel by car?

There are a huge number of roads, highways and routes in Russia, but there are a number of directions that most of all attract motorists from Russia. Let's talk about the most popular destinations for traveling by car in Russia.

Krasnodar Territory and Sochi

You can go to the Krasnodar Territory by car to the Black Sea. Visiting Sochi every year becomes more and more popular - in the warm season, the resort captivates most tourists with its local friendliness, the beauty of the sea and, of course, the facilities and legacy of the Olympics. In addition to Sochi, there are many interesting cities and towns, for example, Lazarevskoye with the largest Ferris wheel in Russia, Gelendzhik with the largest water park (here is a report on a family vacation in Gelendzhik) or simple Arkhipo-Osipovka with its own atmosphere and low prices.

Krasnodar Krai has an advantage over other sea resorts due to relatively low prices, convenient location and good road infrastructure built for the Sochi 2014 Olympics.


Let's leave the political twists and turns around the popular peninsula aside. Crimea is an incredibly beautiful nature, mountains and architectural and historical heritage that attracts people from many countries of the world, including the lion's share of tourists from Russia.

Crimea remains a favorite destination for car tourists.

Leningrad region and St. Petersburg

Traveling to and around St. Petersburg is attractive for history and architecture lovers. There are many monuments, palaces and fountains of the former capital, as well as the family estates of famous figures of the Russian Empire, museums, galleries, exhibitions and much more. It's a cultural capital after all!

Traveling in this direction by car, you can create a large number of routes. For example, in Izvara you can see the Roerich Museum-Estate, in Gatchina - the Nabokov Museum-Estate, in Andrianovo - the Maryino Stroganov-Golitsyn Estate, in Tikhvin - the Rimsky-Korsakov House Museum, and so on. In addition to travel to historical sights, autotourists are also expected to visit the shores of Lake Ladoga and the Finnish inflow. For those who like walrus, the water will be in good time in winter, but for summer swimming it will be cold.


Today in Karelia there is a tourist boom, which also attracts many autotourists. The system of auto routes is developed here, the tourism business is flourishing. Many natural landscapes, Scandinavian climate, extreme off-road vehicles, cozy guest houses and traditional homemade food - all this is in Karelia.

Among the famous tourist points are the healing springs of the Marcial waters, numerous lakes of Karelia, the Ruskeala Mountain Park, the Marble Canyon, the State Historical-Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve of Kizhi and many other objects.


Altai lies practically on the border of Russia with Mongolia, you can get there by federal highways (Asian international route AH6), and along the P255 "Siberia" highway in the Kemerovo region, turn south. More detailed possible routes can be built on our website, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the story of the trip to Gorny Altai.

You can drive further beyond Kemerovo and visit the Mariinsky serpentines among the incredible Siberian taiga, or even further - towards Krasnoyarsk. Having passed Kuzbass, on the way to the south, the traveler will discover Altai, Khakassia, Gornaya Shoria, Sayan, as well as the coast of the Yenisei River. It is worth seeing the Kuznetsky Alatau reserve here. These lands are often visited for ski entertainment, so it is better to travel around Altai by off-road vehicle.


Baikal is one of the most famous lakes in the world, a beautiful place with unique flora and fauna. Most tours on Lake Baikal begin and end in Irkutsk. Not far from it is Listvyanka, where the Baikal Museum is located.

Tours around Lake Baikal are exhausting and rather difficult, but to see the pearl of Russia from all sides, you should try to do it. There is an opportunity to visit the Angara River - the right tributary of the Yenisei. It is a stone's throw from Baikal to Manchuria, which attracts lovers of Eastern culture, who visit the most populated country in the world, overcoming the Baikal auto routes on the way.

There are many places in Russia where you can go on a tour. The main thing is to make up your mind and choose a route. For example, the Golden Ring of Russia is another great route for history buffs. Several of the most important historical cities near Moscow are rich in architecture, monuments of national treasure, monasteries, museums and princely residences. This goes well with the comfort and convenient transport links - isn't it the perfect kit for a caravan?

Any autotourist in Russia can choose a route to his liking, and this is one of the best ways to travel. The most interesting and attractive thing in auto tourism is the opportunity to conquer new routes in your car.

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