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Are we going? First, about the temptation. Life in modern society is fraught with a sea of ​​temptations, they relentlessly follow us, dramatize situations, force us to make one or another choice. A fleur of seduction envelops human relationships. But today we will talk about something that has no sexual overtones and has nothing to do with naked beauties or muscular macho, but, nevertheless, it is very, very seductive. We will talk about independent car travel. After all, what is temptation? This is something that attracts to itself, seduces, tempts, gives the opportunity to receive or see something hitherto unknown. Travel and adventure ... If your heart beats faster with these words, if this is your choice - that's it, you are already in the game. You are still at home, you have not seen anything yet, but you are already in power and under the spell of temptation. To succumb to it or overcome? Do not hesitate, succumb to it, go on a road trip, and your life will only benefit from it.


    Now let's dive into the magical world of numbers for a minute. One can argue or agree with the assertion that the Wright brothers were the inventors of the plane, the cinematography - Auguste and Louis Lumière, and the grandfathers of modern cars were first invented and produced by Karl Benz, but an indisputable fact in the history of the Russian automotive industry is that in Russia the first car appeared in 1891 in Odessa. And the streets of the capital saw this overseas miracle of technology in 1899.

Now in Moscow, according to the traffic police, more than 5,5 million cars are registered, and in the world their number has exceeded one billion. And, if in the USA, Sweden, England, Germany, Australia the sales of new cars are decreasing and the annual mileage of their mileage is decreasing, then in Russia this is not - our people are not yet satisfied either with their number or with the possibilities of road travel. Traveling by car, especially independent, gives you rest, independence, freedom of movement, the ability to choose a route, travel purposes, the speed of movement that is optimal for you, and places of stops along the way. Add to this a close acquaintance with the world around us, unity with nature, something that we, captives of cities and hostages of urbanization, so often lack. Automobile tourism gives an indescribable, albeit not entirely reliable, feeling of control over the events taking place on the road and in life. Travel by car - and be free as the wind!


New car owners appear every day, joining the ranks of road trip and adventure lovers. And they face the same problems that we once faced. In order for beginners not to reinvent the wheel - our advice based on personal practical experience in preparing independent travel by car. And then it is their task to translate the received theory into their personal experience.


 First, about the duration of car travel: Small - these are weekend trips by car or all others made in one day. Large - these are the most difficult options for travel by car - abroad, another country or in Europe. This part assumes the possibility of traveling both in your own car, and an improved option - in a rented car. Medium - all the rest A road trip of any length can be interesting, full of impressions and emotions. After all, “We know: time is extensible, It depends on what kind of content you fill it with”. Of course, the organization of each type of trip has its own nuances, but there is no fundamental difference. But now, we decided to become car tourists and go on a car trip. What should be done before departure?


Each person, going on vacation, pondering, makes a list of everything necessary, and then collects things in a suitcase. With car trips, the situation is the same, first we will think it over, and only then we will collect. We need to decide on the following questions: Where are we going and why? Solve the technical aspects of preparation? Collect everything you need for the trip.


Any journey, including by car, must have a purpose. You need to make a route to decide what you want to see there. How to get directly to the attraction itself. Trust me, this careful preparation effort will pay off. Surprises, of course, add spice, but if they go in a continuous sequence, and as a rule, most of them are not particularly pleasant, then such a voyage is unlikely to bring joy. Scientists who always strive to measure harmony with algebra did not disappoint here either: psychologists have identified the reasons why people like car travel: Positive emotions in humanity are caused by the very movement in space New places bring new impressions A significant share of satisfaction comes from the contribution of the person to travel and her time. Too lazy to prepare? Then do not be surprised by a stupid and unsuccessful trip.


  The longer the journey is, the more important it is to carry out a detailed inspection of the vehicle before driving. Better - at a service station. The road is a test not only for people, but also a serious test of the condition of your four-wheeled friend, and on the way, especially long-distance, any malfunction, trifle that is not worth a damn in the city, outside of it can become a serious problem. The chassis, steering and braking system must be in good order. All technical fluids must be topped up or replaced. All connections, bolts, nuts are tightened. Change all filters - special attention to fuel and oil filters. In all lamps, over time, the tungsten filament becomes thinner and the light weakens, so you need to inspect all the lighting fixtures, all that needs to be replaced. It is necessary to check the pressure in the wheels before driving, it must be suitable for the purpose of the trip. Pay attention to the tires. Needless to say, they must be seasonally appropriate and have worn out treads, because bald tires increase the chances of losing control, flying out on a corner and getting into an accident.


 Travel situations vary. Just imagine the state of a person who discovered that an urgent need to replace a certain part of the car, for example, a wheel. There is a spare wheel! And there is nothing to do this - no tools! Scared? It's time to carefully read what you need to take with you on the road in order to avoid such a nuisance: There is a high probability of puncturing a tire on a trip. Agree, it will be more convenient to use a spare wheel if something happens, than to crawl on a flat tire to the nearest tire service (and this is if there is one nearby!). We take all the tools necessary for replacing and repairing wheels - a jack, a wrench, a pump, a sealant in case of punctures, etc. A standard set of tools will not be superfluous - all sorts of keys, screwdrivers, pliers, pliers, etc. The more you know about motors, electrics and electronics, the more tools you may need. We take a few bulbs in stock, fuses, it may be useful on the road a number of wires of different cross-sections. Insulating tape, heat-resistant tape, clamps, cold welding - to eliminate breaks and leaks. Spare alternator belt. Flashlight, emergency sign, tow rope. Compact winch - if you decide to go off-road. It's good to have a hatchet with you - in our case it's a chainsaw, a shovel - suddenly you get stuck and have to dig out the wheel. It should also be borne in mind that in a loaded car, weight increases fuel consumption, and in the outback of our homeland, refueling does not always come across at the right time and in the right place, so a small supply of gasoline in the canister will not hurt. Spare engine oil.


A GPS navigator and, for every fireman, paper atlas maps are your assistants in moving towards your intended goal. The navigator can not only choose the optimal road, it also includes the search for gas stations, hotels and restaurants, attractions and places of leisure, especially in Europe. We have not regretted a single time, having trusted our navigator abroad: the campsites were successful, the parking was free and the attractions were the very ones that were worth paying attention to. Phone and charger. A voltage converter will not interfere. This year we have purchased a car refrigerator - an indispensable item on a car trip! What a happiness it is, having filled his bins before leaving, at any time to get sausage and cheese out of there, without worrying that during a hot day of a trip by car everything managed to deteriorate. And take out the cold beer! Take glass spray. In the summer, insects slap their bodies over the entire view and a simple windshield washer fluid does not always cope, but "Mister Muscle" is easy! Check the weather forecast for what awaits you. Stock up on a raincoat, rubber boots, and a warm sweater, so that in case of need you do not wrap yourself up in what you have to and do not pull a handkerchief over your head. A first aid kit, of course. Take it seriously. Ours is approaching a full-fledged pharmacy kiosk. Tablets for motion sickness, for stomach problems, for stomach upset, for nausea, for colds, antispasmodics, remedies for the treatment of abrasions and cuts. Wet wipes, hygiene items, insect repellent - mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies. Of course, repellents are also sold on the track, but we prefer “Off”, and it is not always possible to buy it on the way. We take it in advance and with a margin.


Money is better in all the variety of bills. Payment cards are not available everywhere. Passport, medical insurance policy, documents for the car, if you go abroad - a number of other documents and a green card. Be sure to take drinking water with you and so that you have something to wash your hands with. We take an energy drink with us - just in case. Have a snack - a couple of bars, a chocolate bar, chips, juice. There are always seeds in our bins. They help you stay awake during long runs on the track. Keep this edible strategic stock with you from the start of your trip so you don't have to look for a store or roadside café along the way.


  Change of drivers. The road is much easier when there is someone to replace the driver among the passengers. Of course, this shift must also be a driver's license holder. And, besides, your CTP policy must allow this. Theoretically, my husband and I have such an opportunity. But in practice ... So I get behind the wheel. The road is a grader. Imagine, all these pits, potholes, small stones. Vibrating steering wheel and Sanya's shouts: "Slower!", "Go around!" It turned out that my patience was not designed for both the grader and Sanya at the same time. Ten minutes later, I got off the driver's seat and gave myself a vow that I would never, never, for anything, for no good reason ...


 Collect all things for the trip in advance, so as not to forget anything that may come in handy. The main thing here is not to cross the boundaries of reasonable prudence and not to pick up too much. At this time, I am brought to my senses by Mayakovsky's rhyme “Suddenly they will order - conduct! Grab it, but there are no sticks ... ”I try to look strictly at each piece - is it really needed or is it those conductor's sticks.


  We are almost ready for the trip, now the last and most difficult stage is to properly arrange the collected luggage in the car. Products such as canned food, bulky and heavy things, spare parts, are placed in the very bottom of the trunk. On top we lay a tent, a table, chairs, a burner, bottles of drinking water. If you decide to stock up on beer on the road, remember that shaking the cans rub against each other and their contents may spill. I usually pad them with something soft and wrap them in a plastic bag. Above this good are pillows, blankets and clothes rolled into tight rollers so that they take up as little space as possible. In the cabin, we leave: Essentials - medicines, wet wipes, water, food For a child - a blanket, a pillow and the things he needs We have a trunk from the passenger compartment only separated by rear seats, and if it is good not to fix all its contents, then with a sharp turn or hard braking all this mountain of things instantly appears in the cabin. Therefore, we do not forget and we fix everything well.


  It's easy with adults - music will save them from monotony on a trip. With children it is more difficult. Tested on my own experience: the road and children without entertainment are not compatible things. Your whole quiet life will end exactly twenty minutes after the start. Anything that may interest your child is suitable here - toys, books, snacks, modern multimedia. As entertainment for older children, the iPad does wonders.


 Not far away is the time when the trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg took a whole week one way. But what is there, going somewhere 100-200 versts (1 verst = 1066,781 m) from home was an important family event, which was accompanied by numerous troubles, fees, tangible time and money costs. And how things have changed now.

Friends, if you are ready to become adherents of traveling by car, now you know what to do before traveling by car, you know what to take on the road. Go for it! Go somewhere away from the gray and dull everyday life - for truly my native land is wide! - on independent trips by car, put up a tent under a pine or curly birch that is flowing with fragrant resin and you yourself will feel all the charm of car tourism.

Best of luck!

Yes, one more thing, friends. Take your trash with you when you leave. And if you also grab the garbage thrown by other, more forgetful travelers, then nature will delight you with mushrooms and berries growing in the grass, and not among the garbage heap of garbage and torn garbage bags. For this purpose, we always take with us a bulky plastic bag. It is not difficult to collect, but it will be pleasant to come here again.
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