Protected lands of the Russian North

REQUIREMENTS for the design of the route of the XNUMXst All-Russian competition for the creation of interregional and regional automotor routes Project of the ONF "Russia is here"

When registering for a competition of an autotourist route, it is recommended to reflect the following questions in the description of the route.

  1. Route number - 62
  2. Supervisor - NESTERENKO Alexey Vsevolodovich - Chairman of the NGO "Association of Motorists and Driving Schools of the Arkhangelsk Region"
  3. Name of the route - the name indicated in the Application is indicated. "RESERVED LANDS OF THE RUSSIAN NORTH"
  4. The length of the route is 1920 km.
  5. The total time of the entire route on the Vehicle (V), taking into account delays at the facilities. eight -12 days (depending on the content of the program)
  6. Scheme of the regional route "Reserved lands of the Russian North".

7. Possible modes of transport for use: bicycle, motorcycle, ordinary car, SUV, motorhome. 

8. Sequence of recommended objects to visit. Table

object number on the route

name, location (address) and function of the object (including the segments of the path between stops).

time spent on site,hour.

pavement quality

description of actions and photos(in the presence of)

1 Velsk, the beginning of the route after a rest in the hotel. night highway m-8 moscow-severodvinsk stud farm, museum of house paintings "Povazhye", center of traditional and folk culture "Berendey". excursions to the Velsk bread plant - local pastries.
1 – 2 highway 280 km from velsk through dolmatovo-nyandoma to kargopol 5 hours 70 km along the federal highway m-8 - asphalt concrete, excellent and 210 km along the regional highway - asphalt concrete, good
2. kargopol 20-44 hours (overnight-2 nights) city, asphalt concrete, regional road, partially dirt road (kargopol-morshchikhinsky, kargopol-oshevenskaya) center of folk crafts Bereginya, Kargopol Historical, Architectural and Art Museum. tours of the architectural complex. "Marusin's house" - gastronomic master classes. Museum of the Shevelevs - Kargopol toy.
2 – 3 highway 160 km kargopol-vershinino (kenozersky national park)
3 hours 80 km to Konevo along the regional highway - asphalt concrete, excellent, 80 km from Konevo to Verkhino - dirt road, crossing or pontoon bridge over the Onega River, good
3. v. Verkhino (Plesetsk sector of CNP)

22-46 hours

(overnight-2 nights)
visiting the village of Zekhnov, Ust-pocha, Filippovskaya, the visitor center of the Plesetsk sector. master classes
3 – 4 village Verkhino - village Savinsky (210 km) 4 hours to konevo on a dirt road through a ferry or a pontoon bridge across the Onega river 80 km, from konevo to savinsky -130 km - asphalt concrete, good
4. Savinsky 2 hours museum and lunch.
4 – 5

250 km regional road

savinsky - onega
8 hours

primer, asphalt concrete.good

v. piyala (the highest wooden church in Russia), v. turchasovo (temple complex), v. threshold (vladimir church)
5. onega

36 hours(2 nights)

visiting museums, Vodlozero National Park, Vorzogory, cue island, master classes
5 – 6 Onega - (fork 80 km) « Ludy (+30 km+30 km) – Severodvinsk (Iagry Island – rest in a pine forest on the dunes of the sea) 90 km - Arkhangelsk +40 km = total 270 km 14 hours Onega-Luda-Solza - dirt road 150 km - good in winter and summer, bad in the off-season, from Solza to Arkhangelsk - asphalt concrete - good / excellent condition.

National Park "Onega Pomorie"

tract Kurtyaevskoe (mineral springs)

coast of the White Sea (O. Yagry, the memorial complex of the Second World War and "Kursk"), a monument to Richard Chancellor.

7. Arkhangelsk

36 hours(2 nights)

asphalt concrete, excellent

description of actions and photos

(subject to availability) – museums, the school of crafts of Burchevsky, museums of art and local lore, the maritime museum, the Novodvinsk fortress, the aviation museum, a sightseeing tour of the city. ship "gogol", etc.
7 – 8 Arkhangelsk - small Karelians (excursion 4 hours) - golubino (190 km) 8 hours asphalt concrete - 60 km - good, then primer, good small karelian museum…the most picturesque road along the pinega between the rocks.
8. pigeon 24 hours (overnight) primer visiting caves, ecological trail, visiting Golitsyn's grave, Krasnaya Gorka, master classes, deer in winter (+8 hours)
8 – 9 Golubino - Lomonosovo - Kholmogory - green town 170 km 14 hours 120 km - dirt road, good, crossing to Lomonosovo, - crossing to Kholmogory, + 50 km along m8 to the green town

visiting a master class in bone carving (2 hours) - Lomonosovo,

visiting a husky farm (4 hours), master classes, acquaintance with the ancient routes of Novgorodians to the north.
- green town 12 hours (overnight) dirt road along the river motel
9 – 1

green town - Siysky monastery (45 km) v. kuliga-velsk +360 km

4 hours+5 hours

federal highway m8 acquaintance with the Siysky monastery, horse farm, gastrotourism (ecological products)

9. Conceptual connecting idea of ​​the route (why to go on it). A combination of cultural events, folklore, ancient stone and wooden architecture, icon painting, workshops on folk crafts, historical sites, geological attractions - natural objects (northern dunes, karst caves), reindeer breeding, breeding sled dogs.


10 Saturation with tourist sites and attractions. Indicate the justification for the logistics of building the route, taking into account the duration of crossings / transitions and the availability of supporting infrastructure (hotels, food outlets, gas stations, car services, campsites, recreation areas, toilets).

The route was compiled taking into account short day trips in distance (170-270 km, the last one to Velsk/Yaroslavl/Moscow - 390/460/730 km) on different road surfaces. 

Providing infrastructure:

Hotels and guest houses are located at the points of overnight stays: Velsk, Kargopol, Vershinino, Savinsky, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Golubino, Green Town. In addition to the above points of parking on the route, there are also hotels in Nyandoma, Plesetsk, Severodvinsk, Pinega, Yemetsk, Dvinsky Bereznik, Shenkursk.

Gas stations are located at distances of no more than 330 km (Kargopol-Konevo-Vershinino-Konevo-Plesetsk), on average - from 50 to 200 km.

Food points: distances between settlements with roadside cafes and canteens do not exceed 200 km.

Car services are located in Velsk, Nyandoma, Kargopol, Plesetsk, Onega, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Pinega, Kholmogory, Yemetsk, Dvinsky Bereznik, Shenkursk.

There are no specially equipped camping sites in the region, but a network of gas stations is currently being developed, which have points of sale, food, car service, sanitary rooms, as well as places for placement / collection of municipal solid waste and oil-contaminated (from car maintenance) waste. There is no power supply and gray water outlets, filling with fresh water is difficult. Work is underway along the route in the local branches of the RO DOSAAF of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region to equip autodromes for these positions, which was announced at the international forum held on the topic of autotourism by the Russian Tourism Agency in Kargopol in June 2021.

Recreational areas, in addition to those officially designated on the route as parking places, are available. They have developed historically at the points of routes, from where a beautiful view opens and there is a roadside or interchange. In addition, ArchAvtodor brings highways to a standard state and prepares documentation for arranging parking lots for rest of drivers of vehicles in accordance with the standards - every 30 km with the appropriate infrastructure.

11 How the safety of the route is ensured, as well as the adaptability of servicing persons with disabilities (availability of a dispatch service, maintenance points, vehicle evacuation services, safety in places of residence and parking places of the vehicle).

All newly commissioned infrastructure facilities in the Arkhangelsk region are put into operation taking into account the requirements for servicing people with disabilities. Existing facilities all comply with such requirements after inspections by Rospotrebnadzor.

The safety of the route is ensured by the constant, round-the-clock operation of the highways by all road users: road services, road operators, fuel carriers for gas stations and boiler houses, regular bus routes and vehicles of the national parks - Kenozersky and Vodlozersky, private bus transportation, autotourists and residents of settlements, employees of enterprises with delivery on transport of the enterprise. 

Almost the entire route is provided by MegaFon mobile communications, and partially by other Big Four operators - Tele2, MTS and Beeline. 

All regional and municipal services provide dispatching on all federal and regional routes. In the Kenozero National Park, a backbone network for monitoring visits to the park, as well as fire and environmental safety, has been organized. In the settlements: Velsk, Nyandoma, Kargopol, Plesetsk, Onega, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Pinega, Kholmogory, Yemetsk, Dvinsky Bereznik, Shenkursk, there are medical institutions of the regional, regional, district and municipal (FAPs) level. 

The entire route is serviced by the Disaster Medicine Center of the Arkhangelsk Region. After 2013, ERA GLONASS was installed on passenger cars, which immediately alerts about emergency or emergency situations. The maximum response time is 3 hours.

Service points, like car services, are listed in the previous section. Also, minor repairs can be performed at large gas stations of Rosneft, LUKOIL, Tatneft. 

In the Arkhangelsk region there is a unified vehicle evacuation service (tel. 43-86-86), which operates on a commercial basis in the MEGAFON network and has a round-the-clock dispatcher. In addition, along the entire route there is a system for calling emergency operational services to a single number "112" in the territory of the Russian Federation. 

 12 How convenient is visiting the service and display facilities in terms of the entrance and parking of the vehicle.
Service objects, as officially organized technical points, work officially in compliance with the technical and other requirements of the law. These facilities are located in industrial areas (excluding gas stations) and are identified on Yandex maps. At the moment, these service points work mainly for local consumers. The auto route is not fully operational due to COVID-19 restrictions, advertising and promotion of the route are limited. With the growth of the tourist flow and the receipt of additional (in excess of existing) income, organizations of both car service and catering, tourist services organize access roads and parking lots for vehicles at museum complexes and natural objects on their own, in their own interests to attract customers and develop infrastructure.
 13 Accommodation and catering on the road route.
Distances between settlements with roadside cafes and canteens do not exceed 200 km. Velsk, Kargopol, Vershinino, Savinsky, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Golubino, Zelyony Gorodok, both complex and individual meals are organized at the stops. Gastroexcursions in Kargopol are possible. Vershinino, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Golubino. In addition to the above parking points, there are also hotels on the route in Nyandoma, Plesetsk, Severodvinsk, Pinega, Yemetsk, Dvinsky Bereznik, Shenkursk 
 14 Accommodation and catering on the road route.
Distances between settlements with roadside cafes and canteens do not exceed 200 km. Velsk, Kargopol, Vershinino, Savinsky, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Golubino, Zelyony Gorodok, both complex and individual meals are organized at the stops. Gastroexcursions in Kargopol are possible. Vershinino, Onega, Arkhangelsk, Golubino. In addition to the above parking points, there are also hotels on the route in Nyandoma, Plesetsk, Severodvinsk, Pinega, Yemetsk, Dvinsky Bereznik, Shenkursk 
 15 All-season auto route (event calendar, year-round operation of facilities and transport accessibility).
A route (route) has two restrictions:
1. Travel to the mud for cars and "light" motorhomes on the road Savinsky - Onega and from Belozersky to Golubino is limited for about a month. The crossing over the Onega towards Vershinino is closed for 5-10 days for the period of freeze-up and ice drift.
2. It is not possible to visit the reindeer herding community during the summer. The herd goes north and returns in October-May.  
 16 The possibility of integrating the presented route with the "folk" routes. Entry and transit points. (Appendix No. 3).
This regional route is fully integrated into the national route "Reserved Lands of the Russian North", almost all points of the route coincide with the points of the national, interregional route on the territory of the Arkhangelsk region.
The route also passes through Nyandoma, where it is possible to visit the house-museum of Joseph Brodsky and the Museum of the Railway. Savva Mamontov, who financed the construction.
Kargopol has its own excursion programs for the Kargopol clay toy, "Bell Ringing Festival - SILVER RINGS". Separate programs are available in the temple complex of the village of Oshevenskaya (40 km from Kargopol). Kenozero National Park has a separate program with master classes in the Kargopol sector of the park - vil. Morshchikhinskaya (80 km from Kargopol).

 17 Patriotism. Connection with important events in the history of the Motherland.
The history of the development of the North - railway to the north (Nyandoma). 
Kargopol is a year older than Moscow. The main city for the sale of salt for many years.
Land without serfdom.
Kenozerye is a territory that is untouched and preserved in harmony with the population and nature, where historical and folklore values ​​are combined with a careful attitude to the traditions and life of the indigenous population.
Severodvinsk - nuclear submarine fleet / shield of Russia. The first contacts with the British - Richard Chesler. The city of labor prowess during the war years.
Novodvinsk Fortress - the prototype of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the defense of Russia during the Swedish War.
The first shipyards in Solombala, Gateway to the Arctic Seaport, shipyards - wooden and traditional shipbuilding, Northern convoys (80th anniversary), City of military prowess, All-Union sawmill - the country's currency shop to the oil needle (visiting Titan -25 l / s industrial tourism)
Wooden architecture. Natural wealth - diamonds in Primorsky and Knauf in Pinezhsky districts, karst caves. Deer.
Kholmogory-Lomonosovo is the birthplace of M.V. Lomonosov. 
Northern tract (part - from Arkhangelsk to the fork to Kotlas.
 18 The importance of the autotourist route for the development and promotion of the territory, the formation of an attractive image of the region.
The main autotourist route runs away from the generally recognized tourist sites of the Arkhangelsk region (Solovki, Kargopol, Arkhangelsk), where motor transport is the only way to visit rarely visited places. Protected areas of protected areas of federal and regional significance (Kenozero with Onega Pomorye, Vodlozero, Golubino) will not only acquaint citizens of the country with the culture, architecture and traditions of the territory, but also provide knowledge, help to increase respect for history, patriotic education of citizens of the country and acquaintance with Russian culture of foreign tourists (inbound tourism).