Joining the Association

According to the extract from the Charter of the National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning, approved by the Assembly founders (minutes dated 19 .09.2011 No. 1) as amended by the General Meeting (minutes of 18.12. 2017 No. 2, minutes of 31.01. 2019 No. 1).




  • Membership in the Association and withdrawal from it are voluntary.
  • Membership in the Association is inalienable.
  • Individuals and legal entities can be members of the Association.
  • Admission to the Association is carried out on the basis of applications.
  • The application for joining the Association is signed by an authorized representative of a legal entity (a person acting on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney, or a person acting on the basis of a power of attorney issued by a legal entity) or an individual. A copy of the decision of the authorized governing body of the legal entity to join the Association is attached to the application of the legal entity. The application must necessarily express agreement with the current Charter of the Association.
  • The decision on admission to membership in the Association is made by the Board of the Association within a period not exceeding 30 days. The Board of the Association informs the applicant in writing about the decision taken and the further procedure for action no later than 3 days after the decision is made.
  • From the moment the Board makes a decision on admission, a new member is considered accepted into the Association and is obliged to pay an entrance membership fee.
  • After paying the entrance fee to the account of the Association, the new member of the Association acquires the rights and obligations provided for by this Charter.
  • A member of the Association, at his own discretion, can withdraw from the Association at any time by notifying the Board of the Association in writing. In the case of existing mutual obligations, the Board of the Association, within a period not exceeding 30 days, in agreement with the retiring one, decides the issues of their settlement. The admission, target and membership fees paid during the period of membership in the Association are not refundable.
  • The Association has a membership recorded in the Register of Members of the Association Information on joining and leaving the membership of the Association is recorded in the Register.
  • To confirm membership in the Association, its member can be issued a membership card.

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