Objectives and direction of activity


  • The Association was created in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of its members, resolve disputes and conflicts, provide legal and advisory assistance, as well as for other purposes aimed at achieving public goods.
  • The subject of the Association's activities is to create conditions for the development and popularization of mass safe internal and external motor tourism as a socially significant social movement of citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • To achieve the goals of creation, in accordance with the subject of activity, the Association carries out the following activities:
  • information support for the development of automobile and motorcycle tourism, off-road tourism (jeeping), caravanning, family, ecological, recreational and other types of tourism;
  • participation in the examination and preparation of drafts of legislative and other normative legal acts on the regulation of motorized tourism in Russia, customs legislation, roadside infrastructure, camping, production of goods and services for motorized tourists;
  • assistance in organizing and conducting tourist trips, tourist routes, auto and motorcycle rallies, expeditions, rallies, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, etc. both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad in the manner determined by the current legislation;
  • carrying out, in accordance with the established procedure, contacts with international and national organizations in the field of auto tourism and caravanning, participation in the preparation of draft international treaties and agreements on auto tourism, representing the interests of Russian auto tourism, establishing and developing relations with similar organizations in Russia and foreign countries, participating in the work of international organizations;
  • representing the interests of regional representatives, members of the Association in government bodies and other organizations;
  • development and submission for consideration of state authorities of the Russian Federation, executive authorities of proposals on road safety and training of vehicle drivers;
  • rendering assistance to regional representatives in participation in competitions and tenders for the development of the auto tourism industry in the regions;
  • creating a favorable investment climate in Russia and increasing the volume of investments in the development of domestic and foreign tourism (auto tourism);
  • participation in competitions, tenders, development, financing and implementation of federal target programs in the field of motor tourism development;
  • assistance to road safety, popularization of traffic rules; health protection of citizens, promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • participation in presidential grants;
  • study of public opinion in the field of motor tourism, road safety;     
  • publishing, editorial, printing activities;
  • assistance in providing members of the Association with modern mobile applications, technical means of navigation, teaching aids, atlases, road maps, methodological literature;                                                    
  • study, generalization and dissemination of best practices, implementation of innovative ideas and projects in the field of motor tourism, production of motorhomes, construction of campgrounds;
  • implementation of advertising and information support for members of the Association, provision of information, consulting, methodological, legal and other assistance not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation to members of the Association, as well as consumers of services of members of the Association;
  • expertise, study of public opinion in the field of road safety in order to propose to legislators, relevant ministries and departments of measures to create conditions for ensuring the safety of motorized travelers;
  • holding charity events and events;
  • organization and participation in seminars, trainings, scientific and practical conferences, festivals, master classes, exhibitions, webinars;
  • provision of information and consulting services;
  • participation in domestic and international exhibitions, festivals, seminars and conferences;
  • support of youth projects in the field of motor tourism, road safety.

The activities of the Association are aimed at:

  • generalization and dissemination of advanced achievements of science and technology, effective foreign experience in the development of campgrounds, motorhomes, production of goods and services for motorized tourists;
  • development of roadside infrastructure, construction of campgrounds, increase in the market for goods and services for motorized tourists;
  • attracting investment in the auto tourism industry, developing private initiatives in the form of private and public-private partnerships;
  • increasing the competitiveness of domestic goods and services for autotourists, entering the international market for Russian manufacturers and assisting in the promotion of their goods outside of Russia;
  • The Association does not have the main goal of its activities to make a profit and does not distribute the income received among the members of the Association, but uses it only to achieve the goals of its activities.

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