UAAC membership


Membership in the National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning

          The rights and obligations of the members of the association.

      Members of the Association have the right:

- participate in the management of the Association;

- receive information about the activities of the Association and get acquainted with its accounting and other documentation;

- to appeal against decisions of the bodies of the Association, entailing civil law consequences, in cases and in the manner prescribed by law;

- to demand, acting on behalf of the Association, compensation for losses caused to the Association;

- use free of charge, on an equal footing with other members of the Association, the services provided by the Association;

- to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Association;

- participate in the activities of the Association, the events held by it, in the implementation, financing and crediting of projects and programs of the Association;

- indicate without limitation their affiliation to the Association;

- freely withdraw from the Association;

- in case of liquidation of the Association, to receive part of its property remaining after settlements with creditors, or the value of this property within the value of the property transferred by the members of the Association to its ownership.

      Members of the Association undertake obligations:

- pay membership fees and, by decision of the General Meeting of the Association members, make additional property contributions to the property of the Association;

- not to disclose confidential information about the activities of the Association;

- participate in the adoption of corporate decisions, without which the Association cannot continue its activities in accordance with the law, if their participation is necessary for the adoption of such decisions;

- not to commit actions deliberately aimed at causing harm to the Association;

- not to take actions (inaction) that significantly complicate or make it impossible to achieve the goals for which the Association was created;

- comply with the requirements of this Charter, local regulations adopted by the management bodies of the Association within the framework of their powers.

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