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In the 2017 year members of the Working Group on the Development of Automotive Tourism under the Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Development of Sustainable Transport Systems with the participation of the leading road travelers of Russia, auto and motorcycle communities, representatives of business and the tourism industry decision on the creation of the National Association of Automotive Tourism and Caravanning to consolidate and lobby the interests of all participants in the automotive tourism industry in government agencies and provide feedback and effective interaction between market participants.

The main mission of the association is:
Creation of conditions for comfortable and safe travel by car and motorcycle in Russia.

The key goals are:
  • Creation of safe and comfortable roadside infrastructure for car travelers and caravaners on trips across Russia;
  • Creation of conditions for effective interaction and consolidation of representatives of government, business and public organizations.
 The subject of the association is:
  • Active participation in the work to improve the current legislation and the legal framework governing car tourism;
  • Creation of optimal conditions for the development and popularization of mass safe internal and external auto tourism as a socially significant social movement of citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • Creation of the necessary conditions for effective interaction and consolidation of efforts of representatives of government, business and public organizations;
  • Creation of a system of interaction, conditions and mechanisms of public-private partnerships and business support with the attraction of public and private investments;
  • Creation of a barrier-free and safe environment for people with disabilities who drive vehicles;
  • Creation of the necessary conditions for the appearance of roadside service facilities on federal and regional roads, taking into account public expertise, points of attraction for tourists;
  • Creation of an information ecosystem and tourist navigation;
  • Creation of interregional popular tourist auto routes and unification of the entire infrastructure of auto tourism into the auto tourism network of the Russian Federation to organize a single tourist space connecting tourist and recreational clusters of regions and ensuring their promotion in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Ccreation of national standards, technical and organizational regulations for campsites и campground in line with the world level.

The Association very quickly found interaction and understanding in the legislative and executive authorities.

Already in August 2018, at the request of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs under the Expert Council, it was approved Working Group on the Development of Automotive Tourism in Russia, and on December 21, 2020, a draft law was sent to the State Duma to amend the Federal Law of November 24.11.96, 132 No. XNUMX-FZ "On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation", concerning the regulation of auto tourism in Russia.

The Association has created 58 regional offices and, relying on them, has launched a wide range of work in key areas of its activities.

Assistance is provided in the organization of new regional auto-tourist routes, their integration with seven pilot popular routes"Ladoga Ring", "Reserved lands of the Russian North", "Legends of Elbrus", "Gold ring of Russia", "Siberian tract", "Chuisky tract", "Sovereign's Road"... A single autotourist network of the Russian Federation is being formed.

In cooperation with regional state bodies, assistance is provided to small and medium-sized businesses in the implementation of projects for the creation of road infrastructure facilities within the framework of regional tourism development programs (campings, campgrounds, pitches, glampings) in terms of the development of auto tourism, escort of groups of foreign caravaners.

Together with regional partners, they are organized and carried out in terms of the development of auto tourism event activities, car races, interregional expeditions , analytical materials are being prepared on the traffic of autotourists on the route, the number of overnight stays and indicators of all-season regional autotourism.

Technical, legal and organizational assistance is provided in the transfer of land from one category to another, in the design, zoning, financing, grant support and engineering of UDF projects.

Together with partners, examinations, certification and creation of "Popular standards" of regional auto routes and their promotion.

In the course of its activities, the association gains invaluable experience, which is replicated in the regions, forms a single auto-tourist network and, ultimately, should ensure the connectivity of the tourist space of the Russian Federation.

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