Camper - a car with a living space in a van, either separate in the form of a trailer, or combined with the car itself. The prototype of mobile homes and their initial version are mobile carriages, vans of ancient people who led a nomadic lifestyle and were engaged in cattle breeding, including horse breeding.

Most often, manufacturers use a light truck chassis and install a living module on it. In this case, the car cabin is connected by a passage to the living quarters. At the current stage of the production of motorhomes, technologies are used to create a fully integrated motorhome. From the outside, it looks like a bus rather than a car with a campervan. Most often, seating areas are installed in the motorhome, which in parking lots are transformed into sleeping places. There is a toilet, shower, gas stove, refrigerator, gas heating, air conditioner, cupboards, lighting.

Also, a campervan can be called a trailed van for caravan travel and other purposes. In North America and Europe, motorhome tourism is popular with stops for the night in campsites - special adapted parking lots.

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