Caravanning is car tourism, travel with accommodation in car homes or trailers.

The camping is a summer camp specially equipped for car tourists with places for setting up tents or light houses, parking places for cars (right at the place of residence or in a common parking lot). In the USA and Europe, the camping system is extremely developed, so it can be called a particularly widespread type of auto tourism for the residents of these countries. 

Caravanning as an independent form of car tourism is characterized by its own specific features, which are technically based on knowledge of the infrastructure system, the skills of managing large-sized vehicles, using the life support systems of motorhomes and their maintenance. This type of active recreation differs from the usual auto tourism by great opportunities. 

Caravanning can be called auto-tourism, especially suitable for long-distance and large-scale road trips. In addition, caravanning also plays an important applied role when it is used as an accompaniment to other types of tourism, which is facilitated by its ability to transport equipment for tourists, ensure their travel and accommodation. 
The official date of celebration of this type of car tourism is September 24, and it is actively celebrated by tourists from all over the world. 

However, in our country there is no specific date that is official for marking the "day of the caravan", since the target audience of this type of auto tourism in the Russian Federation is not as wide as in other countries. However, the unofficial time of celebration is the beginning of the summer travel season. 

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