Road races

Car rally is a mass event held by cars on public roads. The rally takes place by the movement of a convoy of cars along a given route. In this way, you can celebrate a holiday in a large, noisy company. This is a very spectacular action and always attracts attention. As a rule, there are several points along the route, at which there will be stops. At such points, you can conduct various games, contests, creative tasks. Sometimes such a procession is dedicated to some kind of holiday or significant event, for example, the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

To organize a rally, you must have a map to accurately follow the route. Cell phones and walkie-talkies for communication with the members of the column. List of participants and thematic attributes, if necessary. Organization:

  1. Make a preliminary list of participants. It is important to consider the number of drivers. Add the driver's full name, brand and state number of the car to the list. Also include a contact phone number.
  2.  Think over the topics and select the appropriate attributes. This is necessary in order for the column to stand out externally in the main stream of cars.
  3.  Draw up the route of the column. It is important to understand the dimensions of the column and the street segments separated by traffic lights. If the column is long, then not all cars will have time to cross the traffic light, which means there will be a break in the general formation. Do not forget to warn all participants that when changing lanes, the last member of the column performs the maneuver first.
  4.  Before starting to distribute printed versions of the route and instruct the drivers. Select the first and last car in the column.
  5.  Wireless communication between participants. It can be done using walkie-talkies or bluetooth headsets.
  6.  And the last and most important point. Your procession must be coordinated with the city administration. It is important to obtain official permission to conduct the rally. The ability to escort the convoy by the police will simplify movement on the roads.

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