Before starting a conversation on this topic, you need to decide on the question terminology.

The terminological classification of tourism is of great scientific and practical importance. It allows you to streamline knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the essence of world tourist exchange.

Today there are many classifications of tourism. It should be noted that each type of tourism is individual in its own way, has its own characteristics. However, each type of tourism must be carefully planned, developed and organized. The needs, interests and characteristics of the travel participants must be taken into account.

Autotourism is valued for its complete freedom of movement and independence. In the pre-war period, this type of tourism was not popular in the USSR due to the fact that cars were not sold for private use, and paved roads were not available in all regions. However, after the Great Patriotic War, the situation began to change for the better. The passenger car has become a familiar attribute of many Soviet families thanks to the construction of new automobile plants (MZMA, ZAZ, VAZ, Izhmash), the sale of passenger cars to individual owners and the expansion of the road network, as well as the appearance of car rental in the second half of the 1950s. Organized road trips along pre-arranged routes, providing accommodation, meals and excursions for tourists, began to gain popularity. Travelers could stay in hotels, campsites, and tourist centers. More and more often talk about autotourism on TV.

Autotourism remained exclusively within the USSR for a long time. Only in the 1980s did motorists get the opportunity to drive their cars outside the USSR. Among the popular destinations have always been the Crimea, the cities of the "Golden Ring", the Urals, the Altai Republic, Karelia, and abroad - Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland.

This type of travel is characterized by trips to different natural zones, independence from weather conditions, long distances, long distances, bulky luggage and relatively low physical labor costs, since the main burden falls on cars.

Sports car tourism. Its participants are not afraid of bad weather conditions and the lack of roads - they are laying them on some sections of the trip themselves. Competitions are held according to the rules of the Russian Federation of Tourism and involve the passage of the route at a time.

This type of tourism is regulated by the Unified Sports Classification and the Rules for conducting tourist sports trips. The right to carry it out is given by the route book. Such sports trips are an opportunity for drivers to get a sports category.

Currently, the most popular tourist routes pass through the territory of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus, the Baltic States, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. There are broad prospects for the development of automobile and motorcycle tourism in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin.

The National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning conducted seven expeditions and four motor rallies in 2020, studied the flows and traffic of promising interregional auto routes and identified seven routes "Ladoga Ring", "Reserved lands of the Russian North", "Legends of Elbrus", "Gold ring of Russia", "Siberian tract", "Chuisky tract", "Sovereign's Road" and gave them the status of a national auto route, is applying for the inclusion of these routes with the national project. Comprehensive assistance is provided in the organization and creation of road infrastructure facilities, interaction with local authorities and businesses.

Features of auto tourism in Russia

In Russia, auto tourism is mainly a type of independent tourism, which implies the refusal of the services of a tour operator. Travelers prefer auto tourism for various reasons. So, one of them just enjoys driving. Others are attracted by freedom of choice: a person traveling by car makes a route himself, plans a program and chooses a trip time. Automobile tourism allows you to independently decide in which cities or villages to stay and what sights to see. At the same time, the problem of transport accessibility is not an obstacle to visiting the desired place: your own car will take the autotourist anywhere in the country. In addition, transport makes the traveler very mobile and enables him to visit a large number of tourist sites in a short period of time. You can end the road trip or change its route at any time.

The main feature of auto tourism is that the tourist will have to decide for himself what things he will need during the trip. This disadvantage is compensated for by the large volume of the trunk. The autotourist is not limited to two or even one piece of baggage, as passengers of an airplane and a train, respectively.

Tourist "gourmets" are attracted by secluded places where unique natural objects have been preserved, inaccessible to mass visits. Car tourism is the only opportunity to see such natural monuments. Moreover, this can be done not only at any convenient time, but also with any company. Car trips are often organized by a group of friends or like-minded people. This way travelers can experience the best moments of the trip with the people they love. In addition, group travel by car reduces the financial costs of tourists (after all, the costs are distributed among all participants), optimizes the content of luggage and increases the safety of travelers through mutual assistance in emergency situations.

Auto tourism allows you to plan your trip according to your personal budget. It reduces travel and living costs. Automobile tourism is the best option for family vacations. This is often the only opportunity for family members to get together and enjoy their free time. Most of the inhabitants of Russia are not spoiled by luxury and easily endure all the hardships of a car trip.

Autotourism has its own characteristics that must be taken into account. Many travelers choose it for financial reasons (it costs 30-40% less than traveling by plane or train). But for some, it really is the best pastime. Going on vacation in your own car, you can enjoy the beauty of Russian nature, taste the national dishes of the peoples of Russia, get acquainted with the customs of local residents, study their life and at the same time not deviate a millimeter from the planned route. Autotourism is especially interesting for children. Indeed, at a young age, the craving for adventure is so strong that all the inconveniences associated with a long journey are not even noticed.

Summarizing the above, the following advantages of auto tourism can be distinguished:

  1. Sufficient luggage space. You can take anything you want on a trip in your own car - personal hygiene items, a first aid kit, clothes, books, special equipment, etc.
  2. Maximum freedom of action. There is no time, hotel or tourist group. You can always change the direction of the car, stay in a city you like or leave it prematurely, for example, due to bad weather.
  3. High cognition. A tourist chooses places of interest to him personally and travels to settlements that he has long wanted to visit.
  4. Completeness of possibilities. On the way, the tourist will have the opportunity to try the most unusual entertainment and test his endurance during a parachute jump, paragliding or hot air balloon flight.
  5. Affordable price. The money issue is always at the forefront. Autotourism is very beneficial in this regard, especially if not two, but four people are traveling. This way travelers will be able to share the costs and get more pleasure from the trip.
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