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Members of the Board of the Association

Pavel Sadchikov

car traveler, professor
"I am very glad that the Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning has undertaken the mission of uniting drivers traveling in their cars, caravaners and motorcyclists, and creating conditions for mass automobile tourism in Russia. An important task is to make it accessible and safe. Having extensive experience in foreign travel, I am sure that millions of Russian car enthusiasts have earned the attention of the authorities to this socially important type of tourism. "

Sergey Lobarev

President of the National Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning
"I was touched by the trust that the motor vehicle communities and caravaners have shown me. Acting together with legislators, Rosturizm and regional authorities, we are taking steps to develop motor tourism, create conditions for roadside service for motorists. It is very important at this stage to consolidate motor travel in regulatory legal documents as a priority type amateur tourism, as well as the creation of a program for the development of autotourism in Russia. "

Denis Manko

project manager for the creation of roadside infrastructure facilities
"For the development of mass auto tourism, a well-developed network of comfortable and safe roadside infrastructure is needed. Together with the Ministry of Transport of Russia, experts and regional offices, plan and create on the roads of Russia the so necessary MFZs, car campsites, camp sites and pitches, develop mechanisms and conditions for attracting small and medium business, to provide assistance to market participants in the regions is one of the priority tasks of our association! "

Yulia Nitchenko

auto lawyer, attorney
I consider one of the most important directions of our association's activities to amend federal laws No. 132-FZ "On the fundamentals of tourist activities in the Russian Federation", No. 257-FZ and in certain legislative acts regarding the regulation of motor tourism. This direction of tourism must be brought out of the shadows and given a legislative character. Being a lawyer and an active auto-traveler, I am ready to assist in protecting the interests of auto-tourists on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Leonid Ryzhenko

head of the regional office in the Siberian Federal District
"Being engaged in auto-tourism and conducting scientific work for more than 40 years in Siberia, I am developing the cognitive auto-route" Siberian tract. " auto tourism is one of the most promising industries. "

Temirzhan Baysiev

head of the regional office in the North Caucasus
“Thanks to the Association, in May last year we managed to convey to Rostourism the problems of the region and the lack of conditions on the roads for autotourists and caravanning. I see it as my mission to debunk the opinion that traveling in the North Caucasus is dangerous and extreme. Legends of Elbrus. "I am sure that together with the automotive community we will be able to reach out to the federal authorities and get support for regional routes that will be appreciated by car travelers."

Alexey Nesterenko

head of the regional office in the Arkhangelsk region
I did not expect that the Association of Automobile Tourism and Caravanning, created four years ago, will show such a scale of real affairs. A close-knit team of social activists independently travels to the regions, inspects roadside infrastructure and creates top regional routes, one of which is our tourist route “Protected Lands of the Russian North”. I really hope that the number of domestic auto tourists and foreign auto campers who have already tasted our beauty and hospitality will only grow and make regional routes the most significant and loved. We look forward to visiting!